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Billings City Charter Creator Speaks Out (KULR8)

Feb 16, 2015

BILLINGS – Dr. Hewes Agnew is one of the people who helped created the Billings City Charter.

In light of the mill levy issue and the future of Montana’s tax base, he gave us his opinion on what direction he believes the people of Billings need to take.

Agnew said when they first put together the city charter back in the 1970’s, they were under the impression the Montana State Legislature would pass laws allowing them to have more power to raise money for the city.

The law they believed would be passed is the same law the Montana League of Cities and Towns is lobbying for in Helena right now: a local option sales tax vote.

Agnew said after the law wasn’t passed in ’70’s, they tried several times to amend the city charter.

Read the full story on KULR8.com here.

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