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Billings Works BillingsWorks Overview

We will be the premier business-driven workforce development hub in our economic development region by 2023.




Help BillingsWorks Launch Talent Attraction in Our Region!

First – Link to the new website

Your Dream Career is Here billings mt

The new website at  www.yourdreamcareerishere.com focuses on providing job seekers information about what makes Billings a great place to live and work.  This website is a great addition to your website career page, as it gives job seekers a personal perspective on our great city.  Contact us to learn more about how to add a link on your company’s website.

Second –  Recruiting Videos

Does your business have a recruiting video that features one of your employees talking about why they love to live and work in Billings, Montana? Does it show them working and recreating? We want to add it to our website!  See the video we have posted so far.

Third – Social Media Campaign

Like “Your Dream Career is Here” on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/yourdreamcareerishere/.  We are launching the “My Dream Career is Here” targeting Millennials, as individuals from these generations are still connected to friends who they grew up with and have moved outside Montana.  Their posts on social media will drive awareness of Billings and the great opportunities we have here in our city. If you have Millennials in your workplace who would like to be a part of this campaign contact us.

Fourth – College Graduate Jobs

In February we will be traveling to College Job Fairs in Missoula, Bozeman and Wyoming to market Billings and the job opportunities we have here. Contact us to get more information and how we can market your college graduate jobs at these fairs.

For more information about these efforts and how we can connect you with them contact:

Melanie Schwarz