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Member Investors Member Investor Program

You are investing in the business health of our region.

In 2002, Big Sky Economic Development Corporation [EDC] was launched with the recruitment of the first Member Investors. The corporation allows for private business participation in recruitment and retention efforts; access to investment capital; and specified lending programs. The business sector is also critical in influencing government economic policies.

You are investing in the business health of our region.

We work diligently to use the resources you provide wisely in our continuous effort to develop innovative tools to ensure our community’s success. Your participation will directly help the Billings regional economy move forward with a solid future by helping build strong businesses, which in turn create high-quality jobs. Your investment is fostering the growth and diversity of our region’s economic foundation.

Your company gains exposure.

By joining Big Sky EDC, your business will be promoted through EDC marketing materials, programs and networking. Your voice will be heard at quarterly forums, the only platform available to business people where the cost of health insurance, wrongful discharge and worker training issues will become calls for action and resolve.

Programs and Goals

Your time is valued. At Big Sky EDC, we make certain each gathering has a purpose and an outcome. As a member of Big Sky EDC, a non-profit corporation, you will have a stake in the EDC’s programs and goals:

  • New business recruitment
  • Retaining and expanding existing local businesses (the BEAR program)
  • Financial incentives for growing businesses
  • Small business financing
  • Removing barriers to good business

Quarterly Gatherings – A Forum for Business

The time you invest is up to you. There are quarterly meetings focused on industry topics impacting your productivity and profitability, an annual gathering to brief you on the business scene at the state, county and national level. Electronic newsletters, timely emails and a monthly bulletin will keep you on the inside track of new developments.

Tax Deduction

As you have received no gifts or services in response to your private sector contribution to Big Sky Economic Development Corporation, your contribution is fully tax deductible (Tax ID #22-3880639), as allowed by law.

Director of Marketing & Member Investors Melanie Schwarz 406-869-8419