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Scheels space open at Rimrock Mall (KULR-8)

Nov 14, 2014

BILLINGS – It’s been about two months since Scheels moved out of Rimrock Mall. So what does the mall have planned to fill that space?

The mall says they can’t say what’s going in. But they say Scheels departure hasn’t had a huge effect on business at the mall.

Daron Olson, marketing director, says the mall is a community gathering place and a well-known landmark since 1975. He says it’s staying busy because it’s a popular place for holiday shopping. Olson says they will let everyone know what business is going into Scheels’ former space, once it’s all confirmed.

“Losing Scheels was obviously sad to see them go but it’s a good story to tell that businesses, when they start here at the mall they can go on and grow and do bigger and better things,” he says. “So we’re excited to get a new retailer in that space and do the exact same thing for them.”

Some businesses say they haven’t seen an effect either. Buckle team leader Carmen Capron says the store has stayed consistently busy since Scheels left. She says because Scheels is still on the west end, people can go to one side of town for all of their shopping.

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